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Vote Democrat 2016 - Sq. Stickers Show your support for the Democrats by placing these stickers on notebooks, phones, laptops, cards, scrapbooks, or craft projects. The possibilities are endless. It also reminds people to vote. 2016 is a crucial election for the Democrats as we need to win the House and the Senate to get things done for the American people. All the seats are up for election in the House. Let's win this race to help the next President! Hopefully a Democrat.

TBH I'm not feeling very kind towards Trump supporters lately.

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Comparing George W. Bush to Donald Trump

Roughly 10% less democrats voted in the 2016 election, over five million votes, then they did in the 2012 election and that is how Trump was elected. If you want to blame someone, blame those too lazy to find the time to vote.


There is an awkward fact a lot of young Democrats failed to get out and vote. In 2012, President Obama earned an extra five per cent of the 18-29 vote. Five per cent of the 18-29 year olds who voted in 2016 is about one million. That stray million didn't go and vote Republican on Tuesday - they just didn't vote at all.