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Top 10 Easy Perennial Plants to Grow From Seed

This is a guide to the top 10 easy perennial plants to grow from seed. Perhaps you are looking at packets of perennial flower seeds and are wondering which ones are the best and the easiest to grow. Hopefully something here will be of help.

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Blue fountains delphinium Captivating blue, purple, and white flower spikes will only get to about three feet tall, but won't require any staking support. These huge blossoms will bloom in June and July, but can bloom again in the fall if cut back after flowering.

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Delphinium Zone: 3 - 8 Blooms: June & Sept Height: 18" - 24" Light: Full sun Soil: rich / well drained Spacing: 12" - 14"

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Delphinium Planting – How To Grow Delphinium Flowers

Care Of Delphinium Flowers: Tips For Growing Delphinium Plants - Tips For Growing Delphinium PlantDelphinium flowers beautify the summer garden with showy, spiky blooms on a tall, sometimes towering stem. Delphiniums come in a range of shades. Many gardeners wonder how to grow delphinium and some avoid planting them after hearing that the plant is difficult to grow.

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