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Razia Sultana was the first and the last female monarch of the Delhi Sultanate . Experts opine that she was a brilliant monarch.


Delhi Sultanate - Tughlaq dynasty is remembered for its architectural patronage, particularly for ancient lats (pillars, left image).[50] Dated to be from 3rd century BC, and of Buddhist and Hindu origins, the Sultanate initially wanted to use the pillars to make Mosque minarets. Firoz Shah decided otherwise, and had them installed near Mosques. The meaning of Brahmi script on the pillar (right) was unknown in Firoz Shah's time.[51] The inscription was deciphered by James Prinsep about 480…


Delhi Sultanate - A base metal coin of Muhammad bin Tughlaq that led to an economic collapse. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Delhi Sultanate Tughlaq Dynasty, Sayyids Dynasty, Lodi Dynasty Tughlaq Dynasty (1320 – 1414) Founded by

PWL 2: Sakshi Malik set to represent Delhi Sultans against Jaipur Ninjas

$61 - INDIA, DELHI SULTANS: Balban billon 2-gani with complete Nagari legend. CHOICE.

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Delhi Sultanate - Delhi Sultanate from 1321-1330 AD under Tughluq dynasty. After 1330, various regions rebelled against the Sultanate and the kingdom shrunk / The Delhi Sultanate was a Delhi-based Muslim kingdom that stretched over large parts of India for 320 years (1206–1526).[6][7] Five dynasties ruled over Delhi Sultanate sequentially, the first four of which were of Turkic origin and the last was the Afghan Lodi. The Lodi dynasty was replaced by the Mughal dynasty. The five dynasties…


India History - The Delhi Sultanate is a term used to cover five short-lived dynasties, Delhi based kingdoms or sultanates, mostly of Turkic and Pashtun (Afghan) origin in medieval India. The sultanates ruled from Delhi between 1206 and 1526, when the last was replaced by the Mughal dynasty. The five dynasties were the Mamluk dynasty (1206–90); the Khilji dynasty (1290–1320); the Tughlaq dynasty (1320–1414); the Sayyid dynasty (1414–51); and the Afghan Lodi dynasty (1451–1526).