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Definition Of Wit

Never judge people who have little to nothing, as one day you may find yourself having nothing at all.

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Funny Pictures Of The Day - 36 Pics

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Top 100 quotes about moving on photos #quotes #quotesaboutmovingon #moveon #movingon #quotesaboutlife See more

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AUVERS-SUR-OISE juni 1890 / wit huis in de nacht met enkele figuren en een ster / Vincent van Gogh, White House at Night, 1890.

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Obviously this isn't exactly how it goes, but the Republican party definitely has a pattern of "standing up" for one group for the sole purpose of attacking another group. Whether its voters recognize that or not.

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This is very funny, a roommate I had at one time would always tell me about how I'm so passive aggressive and she hates it but I never realized I was, it just happened, definitely part of my higher being coming out, my scorpio-ness

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Remember peanuts' thanksgiving Charlie Brown movie/show thingy?<<You are my new favorite person because of this caption

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A nice little Oscar Wilde quote. I have a tendency to drift into a dream world so I appreciate this!

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