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Build Bigger Biceps

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❝She understood that the hardest times in life to go through were when you were transitioning from one version of yourself to another❞

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A lot had to change

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Q: So I’ve been on a bulk, to put on more muscle on my arms. I’m lifting HEAVY, and my arms are gaining size, but now DH says I have “man arms”…are they supposed to be big like this? I know dumb question. They are not that cut yet but definitely when I flex you can see and feel something big there. Will I get more of a cut and defined look in them? A: Right now — since you’re bulking — they may seem bigger. But... Visit for full answer and tips on bulking/cutting. #fatloss #strength

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"As we lean into God, asking for strength through the peace or through the pain, He will make us into the women He’s intended for us to become: Women becoming God’s definition of beautiful." - Lynn Cowell || click here to read the rest of today's P31 daily devotion --->

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Transforming Old Patterns Of Your Mind...And Letting Go Of Thoughts You Don't Need To Have Around Any Longer...

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Total Body Transformation

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A good preacher once brought to my attention the four actions of the Eucharist: Jesus took, blessed, broke, and gave his Body and his Blood. In turn, Jesus was taken and broken in the violent movements of his Passion. Yet he responded with blessing and giving from the cross. The consecration represents an unholy violence transformed into a blessing for the human race. We celebrate and pledge to participate in this transformation with our lives in every Eucharist.

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Alright guys! Here is a progress pic starting from this last 12 weeks week 0-12! I don't think it does the justice of my full transformation because you can't see my legs or arms very well but it does show my mid section progress pretty good! I became much more lean! I got rid of a lot of that stubborn "pudge" we all hate! As far as my abs go they have made immense progress! Looking at the pictures side by side it's hard to tell but my stomach is much more flat and abs are more seen when…

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