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Something to think about : A definition of #winner :) #success #motivation #inspiration #life #quote #leadership #motivate #strength #wisdom #growth #mindset #successful #inspire

Christian Woman of Strength - Every Woman Should Watch This! - Definition of true strength in a woman - Must Watch Video

sinew 10/14/2016 GFX Definition of the Day sin·ew noun /ˈsinyo͞o/ a piece of tough #fibrous #tissue #uniting #muscle to #bone or bone to bone; a #tendon or #ligament . the parts of a #structure system, or thing that give it strength or bind it together. #LetsGetWordy #dailyGFXdef #sinew

"So many people out there want to help you and reaching out to them is not weakness; in fact, it's a sign of strength." - Lara Fraser "The Definition of Strength"


victoria secret arm workout

from Paige Kumpf

Strength Training Workout for Runners

Styrke træning for løbere - her en liste til inspiration.


Oenomel - 1. something combining strength with sweetness. 2. a drink made of wine mixed with honey. Origin: Oenomel can be traced to the Greek terms oînos meaning "wine" and méli meaning "honey." The potent, sweet drink dates back to Ancient Greece. The term entered English in the mid-1500s.


For some, "beauty" is defined as having gorgeous hair, straight teeth, an hourglass figure with no body fat, etc. ... and it's this cosmetic, superficial definition of beauty that gives many the wrong impression of what it really means to be truly beautiful. Likewise, "strength" (in the fitness realm) is often looked upon as how strong someone is, typically measured by how much weight they can lift or how long they can perform certain exercises.

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persever and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. -Christopher Reeve


Gold Medal Workout: Test Your Strength and Flexibility With Gymnastics-Inspired Moves Watching the female gymnasts of Team U.S.A. fly and spin across the TV screen, they look solid—the definition of strength and power. #thrivemarket