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Definition Of Legion

We didn't have to travel far to enjoy German cuisine. The team members of Legion Elite OKC definitely enjoyed the food at Fassler Hall! #fasslerhallokc #legioneliteokc #okc #oktoberfest #foodstagram #germany

Tweet Happy Wednesday everyone!  We just got back from San Francisco and it was such a fun, productive, and memorable trip. I had the utmost pleasure of shooting with my dear friend, David, at the Legion of Honor.  If you plan to visit San Francisco, this is definitely one of the places to see!  The museum . . .

I plan on making a re-make of Eve's Legion of The Black Leather jacket, I did it with Andy's Prophet Jacket.


Ex-Stanford swimmer’s sex-offender stigma stirs renewed debate

Ex-Stanford swimmer's sex-offender stigma stirs renewed debate - Photo: IBrock Turner leaves the Santa Clara County Main Jail in San Jose, Calif... he joined a nationwide legion of criminals that has grown dramatically in recent years and now numbers more than 800,000. As registration has expanded along with the definition of sex crimes, so have legal challenges to a one-size-fits-all punishment ...

from Fit with Deniza

Fire up the Metabolism - Reverse your Diet

How to wean off of your diet plan without gaining weight back. Very informative & worth the read.


Jason Grace SPQR - definitely want this as a tattoo. Probably less lines, though... And probably with Neptune's trident, instead of Jupiter's eagle


I do not know the past members but Lightning Thunderstein for president? HECK YEAH


If you want to talk about a franchise that is practically the textbook definition of the term “pop culture phenomenon,” look no farther than Harry Potter. Starting with the first book in 2001, these characters that were the brainchild of JK Rowling spawned seven books and created a legion of millions of fans all over …

World of Warcraft Character Illidan Stormrage Fan Art 24x32 Poster Print DirectArtPrint


The World's Best Bacon —And Where to Get It

It was so primally satisfying — almost the dictionary definition of what tastes great to the human mouth — that legions of vegetarians are known to honor the Bacon Doesn’t Count rule, allowing themselves not just the odd bacon bit, but fat slabs snatched right off your breakfast plate. Now, though, we’ve got so many boutique smokehouses around the country turning out such a range of great bacons from first-rate pork that it’s high time we started thinking of bacon as we’ve come to think of…