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Definition Of Bear

Photograph by @paulnicklen // Just flying home from Alaska where we had an incredible encounter with a massive brown bear. He was cautious respectful and beautiful. In fact I have seen over 2000 polar bears 1000 grizzly bears and hundreds of black bears in the wild and I've never had a bad experience. I definitely have never seen a bear snarl like the taxidermy interpretation of these polar bears. We kill thousands of bears in North America each year and yet we portray them as vicious…


They enjoy snuggling together, playing together, and just generally never leaving each others' sides.

This lion, bear, and tiger trio are best friends, and the definition of #squadgoals

from PETA

Highway Hellholes: 17 Roadside Zoos on the Blacklist

Highway Hellholes: 17 Roadside Zoos on the Blacklist | Animal-Free Entertainment | Living | PETA

from PETA

Bear Necessities: Tell the USDA to Ban Bear Pits Now

DEMAND The USDA to do its damn job and BAN BEAR PITS NOW! In roadside zoos across the country, dozens of bears are cruelly trapped in pits for human amusement. Being confined to pits, like those at the Cherokee Bear Zoo in North Carolina, causes bears to suffer heinously from psychological conditions and living on concrete slabs causes debilitating diseases. ENOUGH! Please Sign and Share Widely In OUTRAGE