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This activity is going to be for third grade students who will need scaffolding regarding the synonym square but who will use resources to find the definition of words in the third grade using the internet or a physical dictionary. This template is a general outline of what students should be working on while reading texts and finding new words they don't understand. The template can be completed together with the teacher and used to assess where students are with their sentence writing.


Which Definition Is It? (Multiple Meaning Words w/ Context Clues) Freebie

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Finding Unknown Measures in Similar Triangles Maze

My 7th Grade Math students loved this worksheet activity using similar triangles. The students had to work their way through the maze by setting up proportions to solve for the missing measurements in the similar shapes. I will definitely be doing this activity again with my 7th grade math students! 7.5A Generalize the critical attributes of similarity, including ratios within and between similar shapes.

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Linear Equation Card Match (Slope Intercept Form)

My Algebra students loved this activity! This was the perfect way to practice graphing lines in slope intercept form, matching linear equations to word problems, and matching a linear equation to a graph! I will definitely be doing this activity instead of a free worksheet from now on! This would be great STAAR state test prep as well. Y=mx+B will be so much easier for my Algebra 1 students with this fun activity!

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Context Clues Activity: 36 Context Clues Task Cards for Grades 4-5 (Clip & Flip)

Context Clues 'Clip and Flip' Cards contains 36 self-correcting cards to help students practice determining the meaning of unknown words in context. These cards cover four common types of context clues: definition, antonym, synonym, inference.


great perspective/point of view activity | students draw a story event from the perspective/point of view of one of the characters

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Emoji Character Traits

Ever asked your students to describe a character? Good, bad, nice, mean? Yes, I've had that lesson fail and I figured out what to do about it. Provide your students with a set of character traits and definitions that will have them increasing the level of their vocabulary in no time! 48 character traits, activity sheets, lesson ideas, great for poster, bulletin board, word of week, and more!


Elements, Compounds, Mixtures, and Mini-Marshmallows


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Types of tax and their definitions. Personal Financial Literacy