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Define Trans

Is it time to say goodbye to the non-binary in gender? Nov2016 Being defined by a negative speaks more of bureaucracy than of sex or self-expression. For many years, various terms have been trialled to express a different position on gender—neither man nor woman but somewhere in-between, or simply a third space: agender, non-gendered, pan-gender, trans*, genderqueer and now non-binary, a recent entry on the list that seems to be gaining in popularity—but which I think should be questioned.

Standing nearly 180cm tall, Marcela Ohio naturally commands attention, but it is her flawlessly beauty, her defined facial features and her...

I actually always imagine myself (a female) having a male body and I'm pretty sure I don't even get close to what a transgender person feels.


"You're too masculine to be a girl, and too feminine to be a boy." "Why can't I just be both?" OR NEITHER? [click on this image to find a short clip and analysis of a gender category in Samoan culture that explodes the gender binary] Source: Trans* Toons (


no matter who you are, please please remember that an item of clothing does not and will never only be meant for one gender, every gender is able to wear any clothes they want and people should really promote this and not shame someone because it does not fit into the “stereotypical view of society”, by shaming someone for wearing what they want because it just leads to people feeling more oppressed than they do in society !


If you're looking at anyone's genitals in the bathroom, YOU are the one peeping, and the one who should be banned from public bathrooms.