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12 Zodiac Signs Squad Types in Order. Cancer ♋ Zodiac Sign - The Sweet Bitches

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Barry Allen: the Flash, Caitlin Snow: Killer Frost, Cisco Ramon: Vibe, and Harrison Wells: Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash

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Doberman Pinscher color and markings. Allowed Colors: Black, red, blue, and fawn. Markings: Rust, sharply defined, appearing above each eye and on muzzle, throat and forechest, on all legs and feet, and below tail. White patch on chest, not exceeding ½ square inch, permissible. Besides the more common color’s seen in the Doberman—Black & Rust and Red & Rust—there are the”DILUTES” of these two colors—Blue is a “dilute” of Black—Fawn is a “dilute” of Red.

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27 Princess-worthy Ball Gowns That Define Regal Elegance

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40 Photos of the Pretty Little Liars Girls That Will Give You Serious Squad Envy

The People's Choice Awards went down in LA on Wednesday night, and though you may have gotten a glimpse of the glamorous red carpet arrivals, the touching acceptance speeches, and the powerhouse performances, there were a handful of fun, candid celebrity

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U honestly will probably lose cause most of the time i know wht im saying.... Remember guys: logic/facts beat bullshit any day.... Aquarius ♒️

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The sixteen intelligences

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