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Root Words Activities: 10 Root Words Games

Root Words Bump Games contains 10 different games to help students practice defining 55 common Greek and Latin roots. These Root Words Bump Games are divided into 5 sets (with 2 different bump games per set) so that students can practice with just a chunk of roots at a time!

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Root words, prefix, and suffix. L.K.4b- use the most frequently occurring inflections and affixes.

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tutelary (adjective): Serving as a protector, guardian, or patron. Word of the Day for 17 May 2015. #WOTD #WordoftheDay #tutelary

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How to prevent a root of bitterness

Do you struggle with a person, situation or something you cannot forgive? Find out how to prevent a root of bitterness from growing in your heart.

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What a great webpage!! Links to 19 online games all in one place. This is a great link to provide parents when you are studying prefixes, suffixes, and root words.

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Science - Plants - Draw and Describe Fibrous and Tap Roots - I would change this and make is a compare and contrast of both foldable

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