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Define Relief

Romano-Celtic reliefs of the Matronae Aufaniae (Matrones/triple goddesses of fertility) still receive offerings today at the Görresburg, Nettersheim, Germany. (


Maiden Mother Crone Triple Goddess Wall Relief Wood Look Plaque #10730

✯ Celtic, Norse, and Pagan Maiden Mother Crone Triple Goddess Wood Finish Wall…


Genii Cucullati As Gatekeepers

Cucullati in attendance to a goddess. Their garb is ultimately what makes me identify them as gatekeepers. The cloak they wear, the cucullus, is a simple woolen cloak with a hood, and they often carry either items indicating fertility or martial prowess. This is exactly what one would expect warriors who guard the borders to wear. The military association is obvious, but the fertility association, while less so, makes sense in that such warriors are protecting the land as represented by the…

Maiherpri Papyrus, Book of the Dead, from unplundered tomb in Valley of the Kings, Maiherpri was a noble, Black Pharaohs, Nubians, Egypt, The Egyptian Museum, Cairo


Teti, less commonly known as Othoes, was the first Pharaoh of the Sixth dynasty of Egypt and is buried at Saqqara. The exact length of his reign has been destroyed on the Turin King List, but is believed to have been about 12 years.


Votive shrine to Artemis Lagbene Roman Provincial, Late Imperial Period, probably A.D. 300–350. Artemis wears a cloak pinned on the right shoulder with two brooches and a short tunic, all bound with a belt. She holds an ill-defined torch in her left hand and a patera in her right. Her head seems to be veiled, an unusual feature for Artemis. The boar appears to have been the sacred animal of Artemis of Lagbe, on the northeast shore of Karalitis (Sogut Lake) in southwest Phrygia.