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Peaceful protesters at Standing Rock are being violently attacked by cops and the National Guard.

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Gay Power, Black Power, Women Power, Student Power, ALL POWER to the People Protestor at Weinstein Hall demonstration, 1970

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Lol who are they? The tide is turning and hollyweird doesn't want to pay their share ..this is what they are "scared" of.. spoiled selfish brats. Disgusted with the only one I recognize.. the cowboy.. "Celebrities" Sing “I Will Survive Trump” in Bizarre Protest Collaboration - YouTube

1960s and how the Vietnam war affected it.

This led to the popular slogan which resounds through the 1960′s hippie culture which is ‘Make love not war’

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Trump-Loving GOP Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Define Protests as a Form of Terrorism Sen. Doug Ericksen speaks at a Trump rally in Everett, Washington, on August 30, 2016. (Photo: Ronald Woan)

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This pin represents, page 34, because women were viewed as lower level then men. Through the hard times, women powered through and overcame those hardships and are now standing strong. In the chapter it mentioned that men got to stay out later then the women and how much different they were treated.

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Unlearn sexism! End rape culture! Bury the patriarchy! FIGHT BACK!! The handwritten nature of this font. how it's in capitals to make it appear like they're shouting, which is a protest so you would expect this.

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From racism to resource development, here are the political stories Inuit watched in 2016

Protesters in Ottawa and parts of Nunavut looked to Canada's highest court last year, when Clyde River argued a case that could better define the country's constitutional duty to consult with Indigenous groups.

Tank Man After the Tiananmen Square protests were violently surpressed, this man demonstrated a perfect nonviolent protest. Alone, he stood in front of these tanks as they approached and refused to get out of the way. Not too long after, he was hauled away, but no one knows for sure what happened to him..

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