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Nap Queen Art for gallery in teen bedroom. FREE Printable. 8x10 and 5x7 #teenart #freeprintables

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This is why I love Winnie the Pooh. And totally describes my life now that I work nights/early morning. :)

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#HAAwards - Best in Show: Blog Nominee - This is a fun and informative site that explores every aspect of relationships including attraction, maintaining healthy relationships, divorce/break-up, sex, parenting, etc.. Unlike many blogs, the site contributors are actual experts (often researchers of relationships) who make science accessible to everyone so that they can use the information to improve their lives.

Ann Trujillo Pin 2. This pin is relevant because both the chapter and this pin mention sleep patterns of adolescences and the amount of sleep they need. At ages 12-25 people are at a higher risk for problems with sleepiness. Sleep in an important part of growing up and maturing healthy both mentally and physically.

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While humans seek enlightenment on the way to nirvana, these cats seen sleeping in the laps of Buddha statues seem to be seeking a warm place to chill out.

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My new favorite napping spot is on the Interior Define Caitlin Sofa for my living room makeover.

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