While this is progress in a direction, why is it OK to put down those that want to express their gender?

Just a question: why should gender matter? Why is everyone assuming female or male defines who you are? It's just saying what your genitals are STOP GETTING SO TRIGGERED

Bullies Called Her 'World's Ugliest Woman' But She's Not Letting That Define Her!!! - Inspirational Videos

Is hell real? If so, how can a loving God send people there? by Joel Beeke – Heaven and Hell

Gay propaganda? Where?

Gay propaganda? Where?

I completely agree. In what way is this "gay propaganda "?

Gay Tarot

The universal symbols of relationships -- a man and a woman united as a couple and the eternal yin and yang - are substituted here by archetypes that define male homosexual union. A brilliant

Gender Fluid

Gender never define who I am by VonRiddle on Wear what you like, and what feels like it says you, even if it's a different gender expression than society says matches your gender role or your gender identity.

Please no disrespect to the religion or people who follow it whatsoever only pinning for the entry which is beautiful

The Bible tells us not to judge (Matthew Just because I don't agree with what you do doesn't mean I can't be friends with you or accept you as a person. Love the sinner, hate the sin.

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This liberating epiphany: | 23 Times Tumblr Cleverly Explained What Being Genderqueer Means

23 Times Tumblr Cleverly Explained What Being Genderqueer Means

You're either a donut or a donut hole. except I'm a fucking pot brownie.