Define jester

*GERMAN BISQUE SMILING CHARACTER IN JESTER COSTUME: 7.5", solid domed bisque socket head, painted light brown boyish hair w/ forelock curl, painted facial features, narrow tiny eyes as though squinting in laughter, rounded nose, closed mouth w/ defined space between the teeth, five piece paper mache body,painted shoes and socks, yellow flannel jester costume + cap, c. 1915.

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in the mid evil times, a jester, or jokester, was required to entertain the king. the dictionary defines a jester as a jokester and fool. a jester is basically a clown and their job is to entertain the king and bring a smile to the monarchy. the would tell jokes do anything to bring joy to the royalty. Therefore, the jesters were meant to keep the king happy and joyful by telling jokes, doing tricks, and much more.

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