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Define Inversion

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Guía definitiva para crear tu página de empresa en Facebook

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Stunning Designs That Changed The Way We Look At Things

In the case of this staircase, it’s actually the recessed lighting and the handrail design that make it so interesting. Plus, those white little pebbles create a really zen and chic ambiance throughout.


Doctor Who Season 9, Episode 8: The Zygon Inversion - The Doctor's War | One of the defining moments of Capaldi's Doctor! Very well-written and extremely gut-wrenching.

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A Lot Of People Are Sharing This Powerful "Doctor Who" Speech About War

Many People Are Sharing This Powerful “Doctor Who” Speech About War Peter Capaldi’s speech during “The Zygon Inversion” has got a lot of people talking. *Spoilers in this post, obviously". :|| He had engineered a war game so that both humans and the aliens believed that they had a 50% chance of winning or losing, entirely at random. This led to the accusation of playing games..


Peter Capaldi was sheer brilliance in #DoctorWho's The Zygon Inversion. He gave us all of his heart for ten uninterrupted, emotionally-piercing minutes. This is the scene to play for the uninitiated if they only think they might want to watch the series eventually, some day, when they have nothing else to watch. This is the scene to sneak attack with, to play louder than normal, so the person you've been wanting for years to start watching this beautifully imaginative and poignant series...