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Define Gear

The 2017 686 Mountain Snowboard Mitt defines versatility and downright awesomeness. Add a little spice to your gear with these two colorways.

from Etsy

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EDC Methods is a series of posts about everyday carry gear concepts, tips and hacks. View all related posts or browse the shop. The term “non-permissive environment” regards to bordered geographic areas and specific locations where the possession and use of firearms and other technical weapons (knives, batons, etc.) are prohibited. This can be as broad as entire countries and states to as defined as buildings like airports and secure zones. For those serious about everyday carry and…

from Silodrome

Neck Knife by Stone River Gear

The neck knife is usually defined as being a small (under 4″ blade) that can be suspended around the neck with the tip of the blade pointing upwards. In order to make this safe the sheath is made from a blade-resistant material like polycarbonate, steel or (in this case) Kydex – so that if you...

from Storenvy

Revolver Ocelot

"Six bullets, more than enough to kill anything that moves." - Revolver Ocelot Inspired by Metal Gear Solid's Revolver Ocelot, this polish focuses on two colors that define this character in the first game -- the brown leather of his jacket and the gold casings of the bullets he fires during t...