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AN ETRUSCAN CARNELIAN SCARAB AND GOLD FINGER RING CIRCA LATE 5TH CENTURY B.C. The large beetle with a crosshatched plinth, well-defined legs and head, a hatched border to the thorax, and outlined elytra with corner V winglets, the underside engraved with Bellerophon and the Chimaera, the hero riding the winged horse Pegasus, a spear in his raised hand, the horse with a ring of beads around its neck, the Chimaera in the form of a lion with its head turned back,

from Recapo

Dr. Phil: Who Does He Really Want To Be With? What Defines "Crazy"?

Dr. Phil got to the bottom of why Aileen believes Sandie is crazy and whether Chris actually wants to be with either of the women.

Ugly? This Little Boy, Who Has Down Syndrome? Someone Said So. Here's How The Boy's Mom Replied