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"Carrie holds such special place in the hearts of everyone at Lucasfilm it is difficult to think of a world without her. She was Princess Leia to the world but a very special friend to all of us. She had an indomitable spirit, incredible wit, and a loving heart. Carrie also defined the female hero of our age over a generation ago. Her groundbreaking role as Princess Leia served as an inspiration of power and confidence for young girls everywhere. We will miss her dearly.” -Kathleen…

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There are always going to be some people who can't forget about the past, or only see the "old" you. But your past doesn't define you. What others think of you or how they see you doesn't define you. Choose to see yourself the way God sees you. As His beautiful, loved and redeemed daughter- saved by His grace! #projectinspired

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♡ ᒪOᑌIᔕE ♡

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#WordOfTheDay Withy: Flexible twig or branch.

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Way too many feels over this look @makeupby.lyssa defined her crease with the 35O matte palette and packed on the glitter for a look we can't help but adore #MorpheBabe

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Love the pic, don't particularly love the quote. I don't get it very much.

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