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for him. // troye sivan

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It takes about seven minutes for the average person to fall asleep. Not me!! :(

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Or 'annoying'... :)

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"They have stolen the heart from inside you/But this does not define you/This is not who you are/You know who you are." Truly amazing scene.

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Diversity and Stereotypes

This engaging lesson begins with a "stereotype busting" activity called the "People Matching Game." A presentation is also included to help students look beyond single characteristics that could be used to define people. Video clips are embedded in the presentation with personal accounts. Students should walk away from this lesson feeling enlightened and uplifted. They are encouraged to be empowered to celebrate differences and accept their own uniqueness.

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Totally imagine Kace and summer: "To making perfect, we're a galere." "What the hell is a galere?!" "A group of undesirable people." "Since when did you start speaking Martian?"

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