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Define Bologna

Buffalo - in a nutshell described by FOOD! YUMM!! Although, in MY WORLD, Mighty Taco goes 1st! Anyone wanting to send me ANY OF THE items on this list, please feel free to!!


Probably. Magic. Sophisticated. Awfully. Syncopated. Cello. Majestically. Dingy. Chew. Tongue. Flabbergasted.


Politics, Atheism, Religion, Christianity, God is Imaginary, Science, Evolution, Morality, Women, Women's Rights, Reproduction, Reproductive Rights, Birth Control, Abortion. What is an atheist? A person who does not believe in the existence of god or gods. Atheism has nothing to say about anything except the existence of god(s). Stop using it as shorthand for your personal politics, ego and morality.


Bologna Italy - Must-See Italy: Bologna - Italy Travel Blog

A classic colonnade in the streets of Bologna. The miles of porticos that define Bologna’s medieval quarter make an extraordinary backdrop for strolling.

I love this! Grace by Elisa Mazzone. PS: If I was painting this I'd feel like I had to finish the other side of the face, then it would be ruined!