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The Inspired Apple: Astronauts Abound! {space activities for 1st grade} But this tree map really gets me thinking about careers in general- and how the kids could study all of these different careers and make these maps for them.

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Expansion Of The Mind - Inspired Poetry by T.A. Johnson - Expansion of the mind defined... by depths that go unknown...

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You are on a mission to lose weight fast, so think of your meals as of Astronaut Food. Most of the meals can be made in 10 minutes from healthy components to help you stay energized and lose weight fast. And the best part? You you can define those components based on your preferences and reuse them again and again! We will guide you in your choice. The approach is all about simplicity and short cooking time. Download a free PDF or iBook and LOSE WEIGHT FAST!

Vietnam war | The Unit on the Vietnam War I think these soldiers were just in combat with the north for a long time and the north just retreated. They all look really tired and are probably wanting to go home and see there friends and family. But most if them are probably going to eat the c- rations before the north Vietnamese come back a second attack again. I wonder how long they have been sitting there?

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I'm a doctor not a (insert profession here)! Ach Bones! I love ya!

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Neil Armstrong Aug. 5, 1930~Aug. 25, 2012. NASA Astronaut, test pilot, aerospace engineer, professor, and US Naval Aviator. Neil Armstrong was the first human to set foot on the moon~July 20, 1969, and said: "This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."

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