We all know how common elements like oxygen and helium are used in every day life. But gallium? Selenium? Rhodium? Keith Enevoldsen has created an interactive periodic table that illustrates exactly where you may encounter even obscure elements on the chart. It’s like taking high school science all over again, except without the tests, and you’re welcome to keep using your phone.

Interactive Periodic Table Reveals Exactly How We Use All Those Elements

Tech News Today: Interactive Periodic Table Reveals Exactly How We .

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Oh my god! I am laughing so hard! I don't know why it is so funny!

I've been wanting to share this poem with you for ages but I couldn't find  the source.  I hunted high and low to try and find the elusive e.h but had no luck and  then yesterday I miraculously came across her place and now I'm so happy to  share Erin's beautiful words which should be dedicated to all our daughters  and so it is.  Erin Hanson I salute you fine lady.   ::source::

a poem for our daughters

To a beautiful soul by the name of Erin Hanson, whoever you may be. thank you for reminding me just how much I love poetry in its purest form!

Potential titles for my dance , want a word from another culture that doesn't translate to English

quaintrelle (n) a woman who emphasizes a life of passion, expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life's pleasures.

Own our history. Change the story.

Own our history. Change the story

Brene Brown: When we deny our stories, they define us. When we own our stories, we get to write a brave new ending. I know this is true. I may have learned it as a researcher but I live this truth as … Continue reading →

Good Ole Bishop D again, this time on how to define marriage. My favorite part of his article: We would insist that true intimacy, transparency, freedom and joy attend only the life that God offers us.  This suggests the second way we must re-define marriage.  And to do so we must begin to face our failure and rebellion against what our Scripture story clearly shows us.

Whoever you support, vote Redemptocrat!

The Conversation about women’s bodies exists largely outside of us, while it is also directed at (and marketed to) us, and used to define and control us. The Conversation about women happens everywhere, publicly and privately. We are described and detailed, our faces and bodies analyzed and picked apart, our worth ascertained and ascribed based on the reduction of personhood to simple physical objectification. Our voices, our personhood, our potential, and our accomplishments are regularly…

Ashley Judd speaks up against objectification and excessive scrutiny of women's bodies."The conversation about women's bodies exists largely outside of us.

This is soooo true, I loved being my own person and having fun, dated a few and then decided to just have fun with me again, and to my surprise the best thing that ever could have happened to me did~ Now I get to do all this with Josh and its double the fun and double the love


The beauty of living yourself and living life to the fullest without having to feel whole from someone else loving you. You can love yourself enough to be whole all on your own! This is perfect

"The extremist do not define us"-  AMEN   Let us never have to return to such horrific events in order to once again be united as a nation. Thanks to our brothers and sisters around the globe who stepped in and showed love, mercy, kindness. We had no racial, ethnic, cultural, boundaries in the days following this tragedy. May we never forget. -MDS

A little known town did a little known good deed on Thank you to the people of Gander, Newfoundland, Canada.

Good info yet again from howtofightwrite.

Also, perforated bowels can kill you if left unattended for too long (idk the exact time but I'm pretty sure it increases with age)