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Deep-fried tequila shots begin social media craze

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Deep Fried Tequila Shots! (sponge cake/angel food cake, tequila, oil for frying, powdered sugar for dusting)

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23 Foods You Need To Deep-Fry Immediately

23 Foods You Need To Deep-Fry Immediately These are all probably a heart attack waiting to happen. But they all look sooo good. Ok we'll most of them look good.

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Fried Tequila Shots: Yes, they are real and yes, they are as spectacular as they sound!! Cube store bought Angel Food Cake, soak in tequila, fry until golden, dust with powdered sugar (or do like me & mix powdered sugar with lime juice & drizzle over warm shots.) Eat. Repeat.

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Fried Tequila-Peach Hand Pies

Flaky pastry filled with Tequila-spiked peaches then deep fried and coated with…

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Deep-fried tequila shots are real, and they're spectacular

Only five steps separate you from deep-fried boozy bliss. First: make an angel food cake (or, you know, buy one). Next, cube it up into poppable bites. After that, soak each cake cube in tequila, then deep-fry the cubes in oil until they're golden on all sides. Finally, sprinkle your shots with powdered sugar. Placing them all in an actual salt-rimmed shot glass is up to you, as is deep-frying the worm.

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15 Deliciously Intense State Fair Food Recipes

Deep-fried tequila shots! State Fair Food Recipes - Deep Fried Food Recipes - Country Living

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