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Breaded Calamari

This is a simple but tasty recipe for breaded calamari in a deep fat fryer! I had a heck of a time tracking down a good recipe that's easy, so I wanted to share this one with everyone.


Vegetarian battered halloumi. Cheap, quick and easy to make and much nicer than the one from the chippy. You don't even need a deep fat fryer.


23 Foods You Need To Deep-Fry Immediately

23 Foods You Need To Deep-Fry Immediately These are all probably a heart attack waiting to happen. But they all look sooo good. Ok we'll most of them look good.


Air Fry Everything: 25 Knockout Air Fryer Recipes For Healthy, Easy, And Delicious Meals - Is There Some Magic Way To Cook A Healthy Deep Fried Meal? Can You Actually Fry In Air? Absolutely! Start Your AirFryer & Get ALL the amazing ideas & recipes today and make the perfect low fat meal. Eri


How to Clean Your Deep Fryer

I have a love hate relationship with my deep fryer. I love the yummy goodies that come frying out of it but I hate the crusty mess that the old oil leaves behind. I guess I learned to ignore it because I didn’t see how bad it was until I heard my other half mutter …