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I definitely don’t want to discourage someone from FasciaBlasting these areas of the body due to the lymph nodes. But in these areas, you want to stay more surface level and go briskly and a little lighter. In this video I show the level of depth:, but FasciaBlasters sometimes go way deeper. You should start lightly as shown in this video and only once you've been consistently blasting for 2-3 months should you increase the intensity and duration of each…

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What is Yin Yoga and What Are the Benefits?

Yin Yoga targets the deep connective tissues, bones, joints, fascia and ligaments in the body ... breathing is a large part of Yin Yoga.

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Yoga Essential Flow

Turn your rest days into active recovery and maximize your body's repair with this 19-minute yoga essential flow. Take deep breaths to increase blood flow, and lengthen your muscles and tendons to increase your body's mobility and flexibility.

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Fact Finders: A unique quality of massage cupping therapy is the "lifting without force." Even when working on deep scars and adhesions, fibrous tissue, or fascia that has retained memory from the incident or injury, the technique is comfortable and works very quickly. Find more facts at

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