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Who Is the West Mesa Bone Collector?

Victims of Albuquerque's West Mesa Bone Collector "crime of the century," police have few clues about what happened to 11 women found buried on the West Mesa.


Dachau Massacre Murder of POWs. As American soldiers approached Dachau concentration camp, they bore witness to thousands of highly decomposed bodies sitting in open top freight carriages. Because of this, it can hardly come as a surprise when American soldiers summarily executed captured – and unarmed – SS guards, purely out of rage. Prisoners, too, were said to have beaten as many as 50 guards to death in retaliation for their treatment.


Sculptures of Decomposed Body Parts by Japan Artist Yuichi Ikehata | it COLOSSAL


Bernie's a real ASSet to the Democratic Party. Decomposed bodies are less offensive than this guy.


06 / 01 / 2000 Decomposed body recovered from the shore at Poole Harbour. Underpants - "old ireland" pants sold by catalogue ordered by 427 people.

30 to 50 Dark European 172cm to 175cm 24 / 09 / 2002 Decomposed body found in secluded area of Lings Wood Nature Reserve.

Female 20 to 40 Ethnicity Dark European 170cm to 177cm Build Stocky Date found 15 / 12 / 2002 Circumstances Decomposed body found in Ruislip Woods.

18 / 06 / 1989 Decomposed body found floating in the River Thames near HMS Belfast. He may have been in the river for approximately 3 days.Possessions Russel Shearline' stainless steel scissors with red handles in pocket, Pale tortoise shell "Pilot style" glasses, no left lens in rear pocket. Blue leather belt

*POMPEII, ITALY: As the body decomposed, it left an empty void in the surrounding material. The archeologists have poured plaster into these voids + the end result is a remarkable representation of the unfortunate citizen.


22 / 05 / 1993 Decomposed body washed up on beach approximately 7km south of Withernsea. Believed to have been in the water 1 week to 2 months.