Deck footings are vital to the construction of a deck as they establish a solid foundation for building the deck. Deck footings typically are driven underground and encased in cement to provide extra stability. It is therefore imperative to make proper deck footings calculations based on the area and measurements of the deck to ensure your deck...

Exceptional Concrete Deck Footings #3 Precast Concrete Deck Footings

Johnny H sur Instagram : Farmers porch at #dudleydig is shaping up nice!!! We introduced a little herringbone detail where the decking changes direction. I'm loving it!!! Ingredients for epic deck: •5' pre-cast footings; 18"x18" top •2x8 PT joists covered w/ 30lb felt •1"x4" Mahogany decking •Simpson EB-TY Hidden Deck Fasteners Herrigbone detail on direction change Results: a deck not like any on the street, special, unique, something w/ character. Make everything u build special, even if no…

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How to build a deck! This post has both video and text tutorials for the first step in building a DIY deck - digging and pouring the concrete footings.

Learn how to layout your deck footings accurately using triangulation with our step by step instructions.

Learn how to install concrete deck footings to properly support your deck. Watch our step by step deck foundations video.

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