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Make sure you don't bring bugs in when you craft with branches. I was just taking to my dad, a wood carver, about this last night.

from Vox

Meet Margaret Hamilton, the badass '60s programmer who saved the moon landing

"Apollo was a major software project. Astronauts used the Apollo Guidance Computer, placed in both the command module & the lunar module, for navigation assistance & to control the spacecraft, & someone needed to program it. The software for the guidance computer was written by a team at the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory, headed up by Margaret Hamilton. Here's a picture of her next to the code she and her colleagues wrote for the Apollo 11 guidance computer that made the moon landing…


New Coding video: How to make a debug log in Android

Due to a bug in the 10.7.3 update for Mac OS X Lion, Apple’s operating system is generating a debug log outside of the encrypted area. In this debug log you will find logins and passwords of Lion-users in plain text.


WordPress Debugging with PHP Console // #WordPress