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One of my favorite lines from the Bill Nye / Ken Ham debate.

One of my favorite lines from the Bill Nye / Ken Ham debate. hahaha

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<> Anyone in speech & debate knows why forensics kids talk to walls! ----- Want to get prepped for the tournament season? HugSpeak offers personalized coaching for Oratory, Extemp and Congress. We're here to help you become a better speaker (and to win trophies!)

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Funny comment from the previous pinner: No, seriously. It would be nice if the floor underneath these republicans dropped out too.

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"Abortion cannot just be theoretically legal, it has to be literally accessible" - John Oliver

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The debate tonight could be all about payback. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is completely obsessed with revenge and the narcissist cares more about how he is effected than he does about the effect that his actions and words will have on the United States of America.

"May the Lord guide my words tonight, let His wisdom be my thoughts." Ben Carson's prayer before the first Presidential debate. Heal, Inspire, Revive.

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