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VP Joe Biden Absolutely DESTROYS Donald Trump With Just One BRUTAL Sentence (VIDEO) – Realtime Politics


10/04/16 VIDEO: Watch CBS News anchor and moderator Elaine Quijano repeatedly interrupt and attack Gov Mike Pence during the 2016 vice presidential debate. An embarrassment to Quijano and clear proof of the MEDIA'S DEMOCRAT BIAS. Folks, the story stays the same. The Democrat/Socialist-controlled media repeatedly rigs the debates, campaign reporting, world news reporting, you-name-it reporting. We citizens need to start to make our voices heard: call out the media for what it is. Boycott…

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WATCH: DNC Chair BUSTED On Live TV Lying About Hillary's Debate Rigging

The final presidential debate definitely had some fiery moments that are being rehashed in every corner of America today, and there were also some pretty intense moments after the main event too. DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile probably wished she could have just stayed home after one FOX News anchor caught her lying about a huge scandal involving debate rigging for Hillary Clinton on live national television.


BRILLIANT! Trump Punks The Media in Pre-Debate Presser With Clinton Abuse Victims

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Hillary Gets Bad News Days After Debate As Trump Sends Her Special Message

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Bad News For Hillary After Trump Shows What She Gave Him On Debate Stage

The hits keep coming for Hillary Clinton after the debate that she clearly lost but claims she won. Donald Trump is getting the last laugh by exposing the "gift" she gave him on stage after her attempt to use his decade-old remark against him failed, and it became obvious that he was set up by his detractors.

MRC’s Gainor: ‘Anderson Cooper Was Biased’; Martha Raddatz ‘Decided She Wanted to Run for President’

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Trump Exposes What Hillary Wrote During Debate After He Snuck A Quick Look

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Abedin Implicated Clinton In Foundation Trade-Off With Morocco Amid $12 Million Commitment

Abedin implicated Clinton in foundation trade-off with Morocco amid $12 million commitment | Fox News


CNN (Clinton News Network) busted! Again! Manipulating the 'news' to fit their agenda - Hillary's agenda.