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Despite the official ruling of suicide, several theories have arisen offering alternate explanations for Cobain's death. Tom Grant, a private investigator hired by Cobain's wife, Courtney Love, to find Cobain after his departure from rehab, put forth his belief that Cobain was murdered.
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CONT... I still remember Love reading the letter, it hurt my heart then but now from my own experience of losing someone unexpected & for a point feeling the uncertainty of my dad making it through chemo, my compassion for what Courtney, Francis & Nirvana band members went through & family, has greatly expanded. It is not a feeling you wish upon any person to feel, but it's life. Sadly such a loss by suicide, has not done much to CONT
Here are 9 members of the 27 Club – musicians who have died in tragic circumstances at the age of 27.
Directed by Benjamin Statler.  With Daniel Roebuck, Sarah Scott, August Emerson, Tyler Bryan. Tom Grant, a private investigator once hired by Courtney Love, reveals his take on the death of Kurt Cobain.
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I will always have a crush on this man <3
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"John Lennon has been my idol all my life, but he's dead wrong about revolution. Sit [back] and be beaten?! [that's crap]!"
A biography of one of today's biggest-selling rock bands discusses drummer Dave Grohls early days in Nirvana to his founding the Foo Fighters as a one-man project after Kurt Cobains death, and ultimately recruiting the other members to fill out the band.
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kurt cobain suicide note..... every time I read this it makes me cry.
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