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Trying to explain death metal...

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Black coffee + Metal

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Death Metal Heavy Metal Memes.

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Death metal -- "Serving Size: Until Seizure , Servings Per Album about 4.5" hahahaha

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Death metal. FTW!

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Saturday Slaylist 15/10/2016: Death Metal 101

Along with grindcore and black metal, death metal sought to push the boundaries and extremities of metal into nastier territories. Utilising grunted vocals, down-tuned thrash riffs and a flurry of …

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The Sound of Death Metal. I would have seen this movie...

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Perfect Example: Black Damask by Motionless in White. I tricked my dad into listening to it, I told him to "listen to this cool Piano song" and he was all like "sounds beautiful" then BAM! I laughed so hard at his reaction.

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