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Rik Mayall's inheritance tax trap - and how to avoid it

By not writing a will, Rik Mayall has left his family facing potentially hefty death duties on his £1.2m estate. What would happen if you died?

Alice in Wonderland facts: fact #12: Carroll gave the manuscript of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to Alice Liddell as a Christmas gift, but she had to sell it when her husband died to be able to pay death duties.


Another image from Prince Johannes 60th birthday bash. However, the pearl tiara, and many other pieces were sold to cover death duties after his death. in 1992 the tiara fetched DM 935,000, and the buyer was none other than 'Amis de Louvre'.

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Mansion gifted to Nelson's family on sale for £12m

The Nelson family remained living on the 33-acre estate until 1946 when they were forced to sell up due to death duties and the cancellation of the annual Government Nelson Pension


Lockinge Bershire 1947 demolished due to double death duties

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Deborah Mitford and the resilience of the aristocracy

Last month, I spent an afternoon at Castle Coole, the seat of the Earls of Belmore outside Enniskillen in Northern Ireland. As you do in National Trust properties, we stepped downstairs to view the kitchens. (The NT saved the Belmores and their house from death duties in 1951, part of its rich post-war harvest of distressed estates.)

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Henry Moore: a monument to British art

Credit: Jane Bown 1972: In order to protect his estate from death duties, Moore set up the Henry Moore Trust with the help ...


Brogyntyn Hall - Shropshire has stood abandoned for 15 years, was owned by the Lord Harlech until 2000. Settled in the 1600s, the family was one of the great English dynasties. Unfortunately a string of tragedies including 2 Lords Harlech dying without wills, leaving massive death duties to be paid, saw the decline of the family fortunes and subsequent sale of the Hall. It was also used during the war by British Telecom as headquarters for communications for the spy network operating in…

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Tony Benn's inheritance tax dodge: how it works (and how you can use it too)

The former Labour minister left an estate worth £5m to his children, but official documents suggest he used legitimate tax planning strategies to reduce death duties. We explain how

Carson checks the numbers. Hundreds of Britain’s historic estates are sold after World War I as their owners face soaring expenses, taxation and death duties, as well as the fact that their way of life has fallen out of fashion. Downton Abbey cannot continue to exist with so many servants on the payroll and the decision is made to downsize.