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Death at a Funeral (2010)

A remake of a British film. James Marsden spends around 1/3 of screen time naked, sitting on the roof of the house. In my opinion, the funniest actor in the film, despite all the comedians.

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Death at a Funeral. First of all, British version is WAY better. Secondly, Alan Tudyk steals the show!

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Why a physicist should speak at your funeral.

Why a physicist should speak at your funeral.

YES, YES, YES!! Law of Conservation of Energy. From that moment on, death became a little bit brighter in my mind. People are never truly gone. Their energy remains and it will remain forever because energy cannot be destroyed.

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Our Presence: The Gift That Really Matters to our Children

henry scott holland - death is nothing at all. This was a reading at my partner's funeral because it was something he requested out of the blue a couple of months before his sudden death. More

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I just screamed yay while my sister was crying watching a funeral scene and she looked at me with eyes of hate and shame

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