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((Open rp, be Dean)) "I hate you!" I yell. My boyfriend and I just got in a huge fight about how selling my soul to save him was a bad idea. He pulls over to the side of the road and looks at me, not even taking his hand off the wheel. "Get out. If you hate me so much then get out." he says calmly and I immediately do so. I get my bag out of the trunk and take the weapons I added to his collection. "Good bye Dean" I snap and walk down the side of the road. "This isn't gonna last long" he…


(Open RP with Sammy. He's bi.) I sit in my car, AC/DC playing on the radio, while I eat a burger and fries. It's late at night and I just finished a hunt. Then you come up to me and say.....


So, this might be my favorite Dean Winchester pic of the week. Not because it's necessarily like "omgthat'ssoattractiveimightdierightnowwww", but rather because this is just perfect. (Though, it may just be a behind-the-scenes shot, but it still counts) All around perfect. Plus: bowlegs. Can't go wrong with bowlegs. #Supernatural #DeanWinchester

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