Sam Winchester Is A Closet Nerd--nerd is an arbitrary term because as I've said I think Sam is the "academic nerd" while Dean is the pop culture nerd. I mean Dean must keep up with things as much as he possibly can, he's referenced Hunger Games and even brought home Game of Thrones (not that he obsessively invests his time like Charlie)...but still...

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Cute video to introduce Elementary students to what college is all about... Monsters University - A Message From the Dean

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Dean's List Requirements The Dean's List recognizes majors in the College of Arts and Sciences who have achieved academic success in a specific semester. Criteria for determining eligibility for the Dean's List: 1.Major must have been declared by the end of the semester being awarded. 2.A semester grade point average of 3.80 or above for the semester being awarded. 3.Successful completion of six (6) or more credit hours

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Subprime Students?

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