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When Asked for Advice on How to Deal with Grief, This Old Man Gave the Most Incredible Reply never hurts less to lose someone so special. It's more difficult losing someone as an adult. I have to continue on as if everything is ok. When really all I want, is permission to fall apart for just a moment.

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How to Thrive in Times of Trouble

It's okay to grieve. It's okay to know that you loved deeply and are hurting because the one you loved is no longer able to be here with you. Embrace grief as a sign of your great love. Feel all the emotions that come with grief, experience it in the waves that it comes, and know that one day it will be okay. If not right now, then soon. - read:

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I'll be okay, just not today. Dealing with Grief: Month One

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There are things going on in people’s lives that we are completely unaware of. Each of us has experienced loss or know someone who has. Dealing with grief is painful. Let us show grace and love to those around us who are dealing with grief in their life today.

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What is grief? I love this description. . . and how it says, "it takes some down time." Don't ever feel as though you are "not on schedule" when it comes to your grief. Every person is unique. The link leads to some great articles on dealing with #grief and living with #chronicillness

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Memory board for loved ones who've passed on - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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