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Disrespect. Always expect it when dealing with a narc or an abusive person. It makes them feel big and tough.

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If they made a monster out of you because you walked away from their drama, so be it. Let them deal with what they have created. Be at peace with yourself & stay out of the conflict.

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9 Comebacks For Dealing With a Manipulator

When you deal with a manipulator, it can feel like you've lost control of the situation. Here are some great comebacks for dealing with manipulators...

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Parenting After Abuse

Parenting can be particularly tricky though when you are dealing with a toxic ex, or when your own parents have not given you a healthy example to follow. That is why we have gathered some resources here about parenting after abuse

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Dealing with a Narcissist. OBSERVE DON'T ABSORB. Be mindful. Pray. Breathe. Their is joy in the storm. #trustyourheart

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Narcissists Have Secret Lives

So True~ multiple personalities, lies easily, denies the lies when you call them out, accuses others of own faults, causes drama constantly, only nice when wants something and if doesn't get their way, watch out!

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Chicken Enchilada Pizza

I'm so glad it's over now. One cannot keep up a relationship like this.. I was so exhausted

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