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Don't Quit Your Day Dream Art Print

Don't quit your day dream don't forget to breathe, who you wanna be is only up to you, sometimes you may crawl, let them think that you're small, but it's all worth the fall when you land where you want to - Daydream, Tori Kelly

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We daydream a lot, even when we're doing stuff! This can make us appear absent-minded at times.

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100+ Motivational Quotes On Dream, Goal And Future

This quote inspires me because it talks about someone who is a dreamer and isn't ashamed of the often-ness of her optimism. A character that would relate to this poem is someone who is a dreamer who loves to stay positive.

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i daydream a lot. I can sit in complete silence four hours an be perfectly happy lost in my own thoughts

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he is my favorite dream. My mind filled with him. I can feel his fragrance, his voice filled my ears. he is my world. Be my Love.

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