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PHOTO OF THE DAY - 1st January 2017: David Tennant in Doctor Who - The End Of Time (2010)

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Tenth Doctor adorableness. At BBC Headquarters, they must teach people to be cool with their turned-up collar and cheekbones.

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PHOTO OF THE DAY- 2nd January 2017: David Tennant at the TV Quick Awards 2007

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David Tennant my favorite Doctor!

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Love Tennant in the Dr. Pepper shirt❤

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PHOTO OF THE DAY - 9th January 2017: David Tennant at the Scottish BAFTAs - 2014

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The proper way to read a book…

David Tennant teaches us proper book reading etiquette. How can one man be so adorable and sexy?!

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TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY: Doctor Who The Runaway Bride Ten years ago today the Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Runaway Bride aired for the very first time on BBC One in the UK. 9.35 millio...

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