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BRITISH ARMY - 1) Captain, "L" Detachement SAS, North Africa 1942 - 2) Sergeant, "L" Detachment SAS, North Africa 1941 - 3) Major David Stirling, North Africa 1942


Colonel David Stirling, founder of the Special Air Service, with an SAS jeep patrol in North Africa, 18 January 1943., Keating G (Capt)


Lt Colonel David Stirling DSO. Founder of the SAS (Special Air Service). Stirling often led from the front, during hit-and-run operations and organised deals to sell British weapons and military personnel to other countries after the war and was the founder of the PMC (Private Military Company) KAS International.


John 'Jock' Lewes (1913-1941). Acknowledged by David Stirling as the co-founder of the SAS. Jock Lewes also invented the "Lewes Bomb" a special sabotage weapon, a combined blast and incendiary charge calculated to do maximum damage to aircraft; made of a mixture of thermite and plastic explosive.

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David Stirling's "Blitz Buggy", a Ford V-8 staff car that he had converted to look like an enemy staff car, for use on the raid on Benghazi.


The Phantom Major : the story of David Stirling and the S.A.S. Regiment by Virginia Cowles

London : Collins, second impression, October 320 pages : maps ; 23 cm. Hardcover. Good+ condition. Scattered foxing to pages and dust jacket. No markings

The Rogue British Officer Who Broke All the Rules, Founded the SAS, and was Nicknamed by the Germans, “The Phantom Major”