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Allons-y!!!! David Tennant. I love that he does find an Alonzo to say it to later. Doctor Who and Rose

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Billie and David 2005-2012. I had never in my life shipped real life people until I saw the way these two act together. And then they married other people, and I died a little inside.

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You know, I used to think that adding a love story element like this to Doctor Who would be TERRIBLE, but David Tennant and Billi Piper just MADE the story. They were fantastic together and it really drew you in. I absolutely loved their story and still feel it is my favorite.

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This picture makes me happy because it's what we all wanted to see from the Doctor and Rose. Nothing crazy, just simple affection, because they really loved each other. I do like River, but I will always love the Doctor and Rose. :)

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I can no longer watch this scene without wanting to cry. Knowing it was Billie Piper's final scene on Doctor Who and that neither of them could get through the line without tearing up. "The stuff of legend."

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