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David Bowie Top Songs

"Under Pressure" - Queen feat. David Bowie -- reminds me of another movie I like -- Girl Next Door. Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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Jareth.&.Sarah . [. Start at the TOP .&. SCROLL 'Up.&.Down' . They are Dancin' Together. !!! .] . <3 It .

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David Bowie - Blackstar (★) Jonathan Barnbrook's artwork for David Bowie album Blackstar. Barnbrook says Bowie was "very closely involved" in the process. "There is a lot of discussion about the concepts behind the songs and the artwork. In this instance we met and listened to the album together in New York and started to bounce ideas off each other, and it developed from that. This process takes about three months of intense emailing"....K

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David Bowie and Iman wedding photo. Although the photo looks a little dated, it's hard to be more stylish than this couple.

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David Bowie - Lazarus. Desconcertante, soturno, cheio de camadas, é Bowie falando de vida e de morte (Disconcerting, grim, full of layers, it's Bowie talking about life and death.) (dir.: Johan Renck) (08/01)

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Older Men With Whom We Would Go To Bed

David Jones AKA, David Bowie is an English musician, actor, record producer and arranger. A major figure for over four decades in the world of popular music, Bowie is widely regarded as an innovator, particularly for his work in the Born: Jan. 1947

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Transformer, Lou Reed - David Bowie counted the former Velvet Underground leader as an inspiration — and paid back the debt by producing Transformer. The album had glam flash courtesy of Ziggy Stardust guitarist Mick Ronson as well as Reed's biggest hit, "Walk on the Wild Side" — which brought drag queens and hustlers into the Top Twenty — and the ballad "Perfect Day." It was Reed's first producer, VU impresario Andy Warhol, who inspired the lead cut when he suggested "Vicious" as a song…

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