Annie Lennox & David Bowie performing 'Under Pressure' at the Freddie Mercury Tribute, Concert for Life (1992). G+Music:

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Under Pressure (Queen, David Bowie) another song good for a Monday morning at work.

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#Lyrics from David Bowie #song, 'Under Pressure'

Annie Lennox and David Bowie perform "Under Pressure" at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. Such a jaw dropping performance!

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Bowie's voice is perfect for this song, only eclipsed by David Gilmore's artistry in a guitar solo that is beyond words.

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"Under Pressure" - Queen feat. David Bowie -- reminds me of another movie I like -- Girl Next Door. Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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Under Pressure is a DIGITAL PRINT about 11 inches by 20.5 inches in length. This is a DIGITAL PRINT of an original artwork by the artist. This print is a cover of the music of the band Queen featuring David Bowie.

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