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The Shortlist for Feb. 1

David Beckham Is Donating His Whole Salary to a French Children's Charity In addition to being hotter than mere mortals, the Paris Saint-Germain football club's new star, David Beckham, is richer and more generous than the rest of us schlubs. Becks announced this week that in the wake of his signing with the new team,


David Beckham will being donating his wage salary from PSG to a children's charity.


David Beckham: L.A. Galaxy Slashes His Salary

David Beckham, arguably the most famous soccer player ever (at least in my world, which is limited in "football" knowledge) is about to take a huge pay cut to remain with his team, L.A. Galaxy. When he moved to Cali, ... Read More


Highest salary for sportsmen/sportswomen in the world - Number 8: David Beckham