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Dates on date palm - Phoenix dactylifera (date[2] or date palm[2]) is a flowering plant species in the palm family Arecaceae, cultivated for its edible sweet fruit. Although its place of origin is unknown because of long cultivation, it probably originated from lands around Iraq.[3] The species is widely cultivated and is naturalized in many tropical and subtropical regi


Date Palm DIY - How to grow a date palm from dates bought at the grocery store. Pictures of the dates, seeds, germination, root and leaf. date palm, grow at home, palm tree, germinate, germination, paper towel, pearlite, root, seeds, soak, sprouting, sun date, zip-lock


Pygmy Date Palm Tree (Phoenix roebelenii) Durable to Houston’s tough growing climate. Ideal for patios, & courtyards. Grown in both single and multi-trunk varieties, Pygmy Date Palms provide a soft, tropical look just about anywhere they’re planted. If you’re looking for a small addition to a larger project to add some real appeal…look no further than the Pygmy Date Palm!