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First prototype of a wireless data gloves incorporating an IMU, e-textile sensors to measure finger flexion, and an RGB LED and 2 vibration motors for visual and haptic feedback. (june 2013)


Lastest Cnc Milling China Uk News Tavs Jørgensen – Motion in Form 6 Image by rootoftwo Using a data glove and micro scriber the artist has made three dimensional drawings that describe objects in space. The results have been output using CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling China, before being moulded and realised in ...

Data Gloves (or wired gloves or cybergloves), as the name implies, are computer input devices that are worn on the hand like a glove. They utilize motion trackers to translate finger manipulations into electrical signals. In the near future, this technology might revolutionize the way that disabled people are able to access computer resources. For instance, individuals who are currently unable to use a mouse or keyboard might have a better chance with a wired glove.


DIY Data Glove V2

Use easily modded off the shelf tech to make your own Cyber Glove